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Related article: Date: Sun, 03 Oct 2010 13:52:45 -0400 From: burgyhillaol.com Subject: After School Bumming The school bell rang for the end of day and as usual I felt my cock twitch as it knew it was getting towards the time for it to have some fun. I reached down and groped myself under my desk where nobody could see and gave it a gentle squeeze. I glanced around and casually raised my eyebrows at my special friend who was sat a few seats away from me. He did the same back to me, he knew the drill we had it off to a tee. Let me introduce myself, my name is Ben Stevens and I am 14 years old. I live in North Manchester, UK with my parents. I am an only child which makes it easy for me to do things with my special friend as we always had the house to ourselves for a couple of hours after school. My Special friend is called Danny he lives half a mile away from my parents' house. Danny has a brother and sister who are always around so when we are at his house we don't get much chance to play our special game. Danny and I have other friends too who we play out with, just the usual things soccer, cricket, hide and seek etc. just the things boys play. Of course our other friends have no idea what Danny and I get up to when we are alone together and we don't want them to find out so you had better keep this a secret, just between the three of us. Okay? I have known Danny since I was about 6 years old when his family moved into the area and we have been playing our special game since we were about 10. It all started when we were camping out in my parent's back garden and our hands went for a bit of mutual exploring, but that was then and now is now. As I have said none of the other guys at school knew what we get up to in private. We used to sit next to each other, me and Danny, but I could not resist the odd little feel and we were almost caught out a couple of times so we agreed to sit apart and wait til we got home. We did not want to happen to us what happened to Paul Yates. Paul Yates? I hear you ask? Paul was in my class. He Dark Lolita Toons was a happy lad until a few months ago, always jovial, smiling having a laugh with the guys. That was until he popped a boner in the showers after P.E. The lads ripped into him calling names like queer, bum boy and bender. He tried laughing it off and he almost succeeded. About a week after him getting an erection in the showers when the lads were beginning to forget about it, Paul had gone into the toilets for a piss. He was just finishing off when Steve Mayers walked in and took his cock out to pee. "Bet you want to hold it for me", Steve said. Now Steve was not expecting Paul to do anything, he was half expecting Paul to tell him to Fuck Off, but for some reason only us gay boys know, Paul took the gamble and reached out and took hold of Steve's dick, not only that he started to wank it. Immediately Steve smashed his fist into Paul's face and sent him sprawling. "Fucking Fag", Steve screamed as he kicked Paul in the back and then in the head. "You dirty little queer bastard", yelled Steve as he kicked him once more. Steve left the toilets leaving Paul lying on the floor battered and bruised as he sobbed to himself. Within minutes various other boys were coming in to call in him names, a couple even pissed on him. Paul was lay there a full two hours before he managed to pick himself up and slowly trudge home. By the end of the week every boy in school knew about it and from that day Paul was regularly called names and beaten at least once a week. He turned from being a fun loving self-confident boy to being a nervous wreck. None of the teachers or his parents could work out why, but Danny and I knew and we did not want the same to happen to either of us. So I walked home alone and unlocked the door and entered the house and waited for Danny. He would walk across the fields towards his house but when he was almost there he would double back through a ginnel Dark Lolita Toons and back up a path which led to the backs of some houses, including mine. Danny climbed over the back wall and up to the back door and knocked. I was always waiting to let him in. We smiled at each other and said hi. Danny reached out and squeezed my crotch. I reached out and felt his. "Let's go to your room", Danny said. He followed me through the kitchen along the hall and up the stairs and into my bedroom. I closed the door behind us. I raised my eyebrows and smiled. Again he reached out for a feel. "Get your cock out", he said. I unzipped my school trousers and fished my semi hard cock out. Danny reached out and started to stroke it causing it to become fully hard. I leaned back against the wall and let him play with my dick. I felt his cock through his trousers and it felt fairly hard. "Show me", I begged. He unzipped and pulled out his almost stiff cock and we stood there gently pulling and squeezing on the others' cock. After a few minutes our cocks were really hard. "Let's get on your bed", suggested Danny. "Okay", I replied. "Take your trousers off", I added. We both took off our black school trousers and climbed on the bed in our shirts and underwear. We lay next to each other and started to feel each other again through our underwear. "Cor", whispered Danny, "I love playing with your dick". "Yer me too", I said. I could feel the heat from Danny's body as we lay side by side our bodies touching. His cock was rock hard in his underwear and I could resist no longer and I slid my hand inside. He gasped as I gently toyed with his youthful Dark Lolita Toons prick. Within a few seconds Danny had followed suit. I did not know what felt better my hand rubbing all over his slightly hairy cock and balls or his hand manipulating mine as it roamed over every inch of my boyhood. All I knew was that I wanted it to last forever the feeling was tremendous. Both our pricks were rock hard by now and ready for action. "Should we take our undies off", I asked Danny, in a question sort of manner. Of course I knew what his response would be, he wanted it as much as I do. "Yer", he replied smiling. We both slipped our undies down. Immediately our hands returned to the others prick and started to slowly toss them as we lay side by side. For several minutes we gently wanked each other, not enough to make us cum, but enough to keep our cocks rock hard. "You want to get on top", Dan asked as usual. I had been hoping for a few moments that he was about to ask. We both undid the button on our shirts and I climbed on top of him and started to grind my cock and balls into him. For a few thrusts I moved quickly then eased off as I did not want to blow my load too soon. Although we never kissed I brushed my lips across his a few times. His arms wrapped around my back and pulled me tightly against him. We smiled at each other as I slowly humped my cock and balls into his. The feeling was tremendous and from his throbbing cock he must have felt the same. A couple of times I picked up speed for a few thrusts to intensify the pleasure, but not wanting to cum yet all the same, as I waited for Danny to ask me to do it to him. Danny was such a tease he knew I was waiting for him to ask me and he kept me waiting as our cocks throbbed together. Eventually he could wait no longer. "Oh Ben, Bum me please", he gasped. I rolled off him and he turned over and I climbed on his back and started to rub my cock over his crack. It felt great as I humped him causing my balls to tingle. Danny lay there I slid my hand underneath him and felt his dick. He started grinding his cock into my palm. I closed my eyes as I enjoyed the experience. "Come on", moaned Danny a little annoyed. "Bum me", he begged. I lifted myself off him slightly and lined my cock up with his arsehole. Slowly I slid it in. I held it there for a few seconds before I started thrusting it in and almost out. My balls banged on his arse cheeks as I pumped away. His arse had a vice like grip on my cock as I gave him a proper good shafting. "Oh yer", moaned Dan, "That's it bum me off". I continued to bang away at him. I wrapped my arms around him to pull him closer to me. We were both moaning as I shagged him. I began to feel that familiar feeling starting to grow Dark Lolita Toons in my balls as I knew I was getting close to orgasm. I carried on bumming him for a few more seconds before I knew I was about to shoot. I quickly withdrew my cock and with a few quick tugs spilled my hot spunk all over his arse, just as he liked me to do. "That jizz is well hot", gasped Danny, "It's almost burning" I looked down at my load all over his arse. I knew what he wanted me to do next. I rubbed my hands all over my cum rubbing it into his arse cheeks. He rolled over and I took his stiff prick in my fingers and started to toss him off. "Aw do it faster", gasped Danny, "I'm gonna cum". I pulled his foreskin up and down as fast as I could. His cock throbbed between my fingers. He was getting close as his cock became harder and harder. Without warning he blasted his load up in the air covering my hand and his own chest and also some dribbled down his shaft and over his balls. "That was fun", he said as his breathing returned to normal. "Fab", I said. A handed Danny some tissue and he cleaned himself up as I began to get dressed. Soon Danny followed suit. "Same time tomorrow", he said, more of a statement than a question. "You bet", I replied, I'd do it all day if I could. We went down stairs and Danny slipped out of the back door and down the garden and over the wall. About 15 minutes later my mum arrived home to make tea as I did my homework in my room. After tea I went to play out with my friends, including Danny. We went into the park to play football for a couple of hours. We were all walking home when we saw Paul Yates. "Fucking bender", yelled Steve. "Queer boy", shouted Danny's brother. I could see the fear in Paul's eyes as he turned and ran as fast as he could. "I hate puffs", said Steve as we made our way home. Me and Dan looked at each other and knew we had to keep our sexy fun a deadly secret. You had better not tell anyone. Ever.
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